The Lands offers an engaging educational environment that cannot be experienced in a traditional classroom. Here at the farm, students work side-by-side with educators and “co-faculty” farm animals to learn about science, agriculture, ecology, history, nutrition, animal husbandry, land conservation, sustainable living and community service. Students also have the opportunity to observe diversities to enhance their educational experiences. Our goal is to make the lessons and experiences stick long after the students have left the farm so in turn can teach by example. All programs meet Pennsylvania Academic Standards, for grades K through 12.    To learn more about our education programs please click Contact Us to reach our Director of Education, Lindsey Sutton.  To reserve an educational session or guided farm experience, please complete our Request Form.   We will respond within 24 hours.

We are now accepting registration for our 2017 Summer Farm Camp.   Click here for details!

Green Guides Programs for Vulnerable Youth:

Green Guides an educational, therapeutic program for autistic and other at-risk youth throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania. Specifically, Green Guides provides for a safe, structured, supportive environment that features nature-based programs and activities related to science, math, history, horticulture, animal husbandry, and sustainable agriculture.

Green Guides is available to organizations that serve children (or adults) with autism and/or other developmental, physical or socio-economic challenges where the farm serves as an “adjunct classroom” to reinforce lessons taught the physical schools. A key component to Green Guides include activities that focus on gross and fine motor skills; socialization/social skills; healthy eating; exercise; teambuilding/collaboration; grief processing; and, self-confidence.   For those children with complex medical problems we provide a relaxed experience that allows for up close animal interaction with an emphasis on touch. We choose specific animals that seek out physical contact.

The primary goal of Green Guides is to help improve students’ physical and emotional behavior, and when possible, teach important life and academic skills. The collective roles, responsibilities, and expectations of Green Guides and participating agencies will help children make constructive choices as well as build upon their individual strengths

The valuable lessons and experiences through Green Guides are available free-of-charge to any special needs child.

Children’s Bereavement Camp:

This camp is open to children ages 6 to 12 who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one through disease, accident, homicide or suicide. According to the National Alliance for Grieving Children, those children who suffer a significant loss are at a greater risk for depression, suicide, substance abuse, and poverty. The goal of this Camp is to help reduce children’s feelings of isolation, loneliness, guilt, anger, fear, stress and anxiety.

Working with grief professionals from Hospice of the Sacred Heart and Hillside’s trained camp counselors, children will work and play side-by-side with others who are also grieving.   Farm-based responsibilities and activities combined with grief education and emotional support will provide opportunities for children to share their stories, express feelings, and memorialize their loved ones as well as build new friendships.



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  1. Rebecca says:

    What does a guided farm experience entail? How much is it and how long is it? Is it appropriate for a four year old? Thanks

  2. Hillside admin says:

    Hi Rebecca.

    All information on our tours and camps can be found on the education page.

    The link is:

    Thank you.

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