About Us

The Lands at Hillside Farms is a 19th Century, 412-acre, nonprofit educational dairy farm that each year welcomes thousands of regional students of all ages and means. Here, any one of us can be a farmer, a historian, a scientist – but far more importantly, we can get in touch with values too many of us have forgotten in a busy world.
Volunteers and donors from the public, business, foundations and government have worked very hard and rather quietly for years to make this vision come true. There are precious few places in Pennsylvania — even America — quite like The Lands at Hillside Farms.

This is a first-hand, hands-on experience only the children of agriculture can have today.

At The Lands, visitors can see, touch, taste, smell and learn about nutrition, archaeology, ecology, animal husbandry and land conservation. We teach the importance of respecting the delicate balance among nature, the environment and man.

Moreover, we believe a healthy mind and body are interconnected and we show by our example how to live a balanced life. We like to think of The Lands as a “412-Acre Classroom Without Walls.”

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Our Mission

We consider ourselves honored to welcome and educate thousands of visitors each year, yet maintaining the farm property as well as its historic barns, brilliant exhibits of flowers and vegetation and of course our popular cows, piglets, horses, oxen, goats, sheep and chickens is a significant financial undertaking not supported by dairy store sales. Each year we must raise more than $400,000 in order to continue what so many have come to count on: a living, hands-on educational farm available to everyone – every day of the year.

Please remember, nothing quite like this has ever happened here. Please become a Guardian of The Lands at Hillside Farms. As a Guardian you can be assured that your donation will be directly reinvested in the necessary expenses related to running this magnificent regional treasure. We would be sincerely grateful for your financial help.

A letter from the Chairman of the Board